Beautify Three Hand with Natural Ingredients

Beauty treatments most commonly on the face and hair . However , there are other body areas that require more attention .
Hand , for example . Hand care is often overlooked . As a result , the hand becomes dull , wrinkled , and is easy to peel .
Hand care not only be done in a beauty salon . You can do it yourself at home using natural ingredients . What is it? The following list details as reported by Boldsky pages .

Sugar is one of the ingredients that you can find at home and is believed to remove dead skin cells and make hands become clean . Therefore , sugar has an uneven surface and can be a good exfoliating .

It’s easy. Simply grab the sugar and rub in the hand area . Then rub gently and let stand a few minutes . Apply this sugar treatments regularly to get maximum results .

Almod is one of a kind bean that contains tremendous benefits . Almonds good for cleansing the skin and removes dead skin cells .

To make almond scrub , you only need a rough slice almonds . After the almond mix with lotion . Finally, add the rose water . Rub the almond mixture to all parts of the hands evenly .

In addition it contains a lot of benefits for the body , apparently potent honey to cleanse hands dull . Honey is considered as a good cleanser to clean the skin of impurities .

Use honey evenly over the hands . Then rub gently . To obtain maximum results , you can add a little sugar .

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